1. Orgasm by Breast Stimulation

In fact, some women can achieve orgasm from nipple stimulation alone. Facts about female breasts. In a 2009 study, 29% of the 213 women studied had achieved orgasm from nipple stimulation alone. Thatís because womenís brains process genital and nipple stimulation in the same exact way.

2. Nipple stimulation

A closer bond with your sexual partner Or at least thatís what a 2012 study suggests! The study aimed to find exactly why men are attracted to breasts, and the answer they found is that itís a partial result of evolution. In that men have learned that by stimulating a womanís nipple, the woman is then more inclined to feel attracted and connected to her partner physically. 3. Origin of

Scientists seriously do not know why women have full breasts all the time. Primates only have full breasts when theyíre breastfeeding, and then it quickly goes back to normal. But human breasts appear full even when weíre not breastfeeding. SoÖ what gives? There are a bunch of theories, including one about how our full breasts are similar to the round and bright red butt cheeks of our ape ancestors.

3. Kate Moss Breast

Thereís a champagne glass in London thatís shaped after model Kate Mossí breast. The glasses exist at Londonís 34 restaurant, and Kateís signature is even on the bottom!

4. Mind how you sleep
Sleeping facedown can change the shape of your breasts over time. It would take a few years of sleeping facedown, but it would change the shape! The best sleep move? On your side

5. There are eight different types of nipples.
Variety: It is fun! And for nipples, the varieties include normal, flat, puffy, and inverted!

6. World largest breast

And just in case you were wondering, Annie Hawkins-Turner has the worldís largest natural breasts on record. They measure 70 inches around, 43 inches under, and would technically be supported in a 48V bra, if they made that size