I read Kate Fridkis’ recent essay about small boobs with a mix of fascination and envy. As someone who’s had double Ds since junior high, the small boob experience is totally foreign to me, although I’ve wished for smaller boobs on many occasions. Large breasts are idolized in pop culture, but the experience of actually walking around with two watermelons attached to your chest? Well, sometimes it’s awesome, and sometimes it’s decidedly not awesome. Here’s why…

10 Reasons Big Boobs Are Awesome

1. Breasts are really beautiful. They’re soft and pillowy and feminine. They’re pretty shades of pink and brown. Who wouldn’t want more of that gorgeous goodness?

2. Guys are into them.

3. It’s fun to look at curvy figures throughout history–from paintings of Greek goddesses to 50s pin-up girls–and see a bit of yourself in these classic beauties.

4. Effortless cleavage.

5. You never have to pass up a great dress because you couldn’t fill out the bustline.

6. They’re fun to play with.

7. Big boobs look amazing in tight dresses and sweet cardigans (see: everything Christina Hendricks wears).

8. The simple act of pressing your boobs together can make a big impact.

9. You know the phrase, “Leave something to the imagination”? When you cover up big boobs, you leave a lot to the imagination. It’s a very alluring situation.

10. Large breasts are almost like an accessory in and of themselves. Who needs a statement necklace when you’ve got two big, beautiful orbs peeking out of every outfit?

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